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Which us states have the largest black population
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Which us states have the largest black population.Black Population by State 2022

The state with the highest relative population of Black Americans in the United States is. What is the blackest state in America? Texas has the highest Black population in the United States of 3,,, about 14% of Texas’s total population. Texas is the second-most . 58 rows · % African-American Rank State or territory African-American Population () .


Which us states have the largest black population –


Have you ever wondered what state the most black people live in? And, every state is different in so many little ways! To find out which states had the most black people living there, I took a look at the U.

Census data along with a Pew Research study that tabulated results. Census data has come a long way since the beginning when there were only 2 categories; free and slaves.

Now, it goes much further in the way of showing diversity. A United States census is conducted every 10 years. The most recent 23rd census was in That is the one that provided the data for this article.

An important consideration here is that census data relies on self-identification. As a side note which us states have the largest black population self-identification, it helps to know there are various categories of the concept.

Self identification is literally how you see yourself or identify yourself and nothing more. There is no verification process or requirement attached. If you want nys fair music know how interesting that can get, think about Rachel Dolezal.

She was known for presenting herself as a black woman even though she was born to white parents. For the which us states have the largest black population part, there are five major categories of self-identification. Those categories are mental, social, spiritual, emotional, and physical. For instance, think of the people who were told things about their own heritage that might not exactly be true.

In terms of self-identification, there are three subcategories of the overall black population on the census. As you can see from the chart above, there are a few different ways to look at the data. The calculation here includes which us states have the largest black population who self-identifies as Black in any way, shape, or form.

With a black population above 3. During the Census, New York held the top spot. Texas is the second biggest state by land mass after Alaska. Alaska is nowhere near the top five, for obvious reasons. As with the total black population, Among non-Hispanic single-race Black people, Texas also has the largest population among single race Black people non-Hispanic.

It falls to second place when it comes to Interracial people. Texas comes in as the fourth largest state in the country in terms of those who identify as Black Hispanic. After holding the fourth spot inFlorida читать больше holds the second place spot behind Texas.

Florida had an overall black population of 3. Florida was also in the top 5 states with populations self-identifying as Interracial Non-Hispanic.

It ranked 3rd withpeople. And again, Florida remained in the top 5 states with self-identifying Black Hispanic populations. That total aboutpeople. Georgia had a total state population of around The Overall Black population was at about 3. So, according to these numbers, the black population is literally one third of the population of Georgia. When it comes to Single Race category, Georgia comes in second. Single Race blacks in Georgia numbered around 3. The state of New York ranked 4th in terms of overall black population.

Of which us states have the largest black population, 2. That placed New York in 4th place in that subcategory as well. The state fell to the 5th position in the Interracial subcategory. Under the Black hispanic subcategory, New York springs up to the first position. AboutNew Yorkers self-identified as Нажмите чтобы перейти hispanic. The West Coast state of California rounds out the top five in overall black population.

It had 2. But, when it comes to Single Race Black self-identification, California drops out of the top five completely. However, in terms of those assigning themselves to the Interracial subcategory, California ranks number one. Aboutpeople claimed Interracial status. California also remains in the top 5 3rd place with those claiming Black hispanic status. The Black Hispanic group numbered aroundNorth Carolina was not in the top five for overall black population.

But, it did show up once in the top five race within the subcategory of Single Race Blacks. That placed North Carolina in the 5th position for which us states have the largest black population self-identification. Like North Carolina, Ohio was not in the top five for overall black population either. It which us states have the largest black population, in contrast, show up in a separate subcategory. Aboutpeople self-identified themselves as Interracial in Ohio. That put Ohio in 4th place in the Interracial Non-Hispanic subcategory.

Like North Carolina and Ohio, New Jersey did not round out the top five for overall black population. New Jersey emerged as a top 5 state in the Black Hispanic subcategory. It took 5th place withBlack people claiming that status. Data for this article was taken from the U. Census data. The tables break down the numbers of the 5 states with the highest black populations overall and by subcategory. The primary ranking overall black population is based on total population or number of black people.

It includes black, black interracial, and black hispanic populations. Subsequent rankings are in order of the specific subcategories only. When dealing with large numbers, rounding is typical. For this analysis of the data, rounding was based on two criteria. The census uses numbers over 1 million and numbers below 1 million. The numbers above 1 million were rounded to the nearestMeanwhile, numbers below 1 million were rounded to the nearest 10, Sherman D Rivers Sr.

He has a keen interest in “the things that we don’t see” and enjoys shining light on them. M Ancient Right of Original Masons. States With the Highest Number of People Overall As you can see from the chart жмите сюда, there are a few different ways to look at the data. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading About The Author Dr.