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Abandoned places to explore pittsburgh reddit
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Hello all, As you can see from the title, I am looking for places near Pittsburgh to explore that are abandoned. I have gone to the turnpike. I’ve mostly explored Mount Washington and downtown. Looking to branch out and find more interesting places. Any and all suggestions and ideas are welcome.


Abandoned places to explore pittsburgh reddit. The Top 15 Best Abandoned Places In Pennsylvania For 2022

The abandoned turnpike in Breezewood is open to the public. Carrie Furnace offers tours for a fee, Moundsville State Penitentiary offers tours for a fee, Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in . Abandoned places near pittsburgh. The abandoned Westinghouse Atom Smasher near Pittsburgh, PA. For almost 80 years, the Westinghouse Atom Smasher was a landmark in . The abandoned Cresson State Prison in Cambria County. What you’ll find here are some of my favorite Pennsylvania abandoned places that are LEGAL to visit – I DO NOT condone .


Abandoned places to explore pittsburgh reddit –


Abandoned places to explore pittsburgh reddit Urbex. Killer Urbex Note: It is important to note that many of these locations are in an extremely delicate state. Specifics on the locations are not given purposefully to ensure the abandoned places in Pennsylvania stay as vandalism and destruction-free as possible.

Take only photos, leave only footprints. The once-booming steel abandoned places to explore pittsburgh reddit of the state has left behind many ruins. Not all of these places are open to the public, so it is a good idea to check before you plan to visit. Keep reading to see if your favorite abandoned place in Pennsylvania made our list. Interested in venturing outside Pennsylvania? Here are a few guides to surrounding states that will be helpful in your explorations outside of the wonderful abandoned places in Pennsylvania:.

If you have a specific location from the list below that you would like to immediately get more information about, click the links in the list to snap straight to that abandoned places in Pennsylvania location. It is important when considering abandoned places in Pennsylvania to know the basics of Pennsylvania trespassing laws.

Luckily, we have developed a massive guide to trespassing laws in all 50 states. For laws that specifically relate to Pennsylvania, please click here.

In the urban city center of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania lies a stone castle complete with turrets and all. Instead, it was built in to house prisoners. Before the Eastern State Penitentiary was constructed prisoners went sent to prisons that housed the inmates but without much order. Disease, starvation, and violence were common and many died before they even had a chance to be sentenced.

The Eastern State Penitentiary was the beginning of a new era of how we housed inmates. Inmates at Eastern State had their own private toilet, were served three meals a day, and had an exercise area. The only problem was this castle-like paradise drove its prisoners mad. Each prisoner was on their own and not allowed to interact with other prisoners in any way.

They ate alone. They exercised alone. They read the bible alone. When they were taken out of their cells a hood was placed over their head. The prison guards went so far as to wear shoe guards to keep the prison as silent as possible. This silence was supposed to give the prisoners plenty of quiet reflection time and a place to repent for their sins but instead of a pittance, it inspires insanity.

Eastern State remained in use until and housed famous criminals likeWillie Sutton and Al Capone. It was saved from destruction and увидеть больше it opened its doors to the public.

This prison is left in a magnificent state of decay. The site now features a self-guided audio tour and a number of special tours including a Bastille Day celebration and a Haunted Halloween tour.

Encompassed by nature and hidden away in Pittston is another abandoned place in Pennsylvania. The Knox Coal Distribution Center has endured multiple fires and years of harsh temperatures but it still stands today holding the secrets of our past. This site was used to store and transfer coal. It was built by the Knox Coal Mine company to be used as a hub for the abandoned places to explore pittsburgh reddit of coal by road, railroad, and boat. Pittston used to be an essential and booming town that took part in the process of transporting coal.

However, an accident in the Knox coal mine soon put an end to outs operation. The Knox coal mine disaster brought on new safety laws and the town was unable to keep up with the changes. Today the building still stands abandoned and encircled by the forest. When coming up on the site from the road the first structure you will see is a huge iron frame roof that collapsed some time ago.

The business logo can still be seen on an iron beam in this main building. The main building is connected to three other buildings and two small abandoned places to explore pittsburgh reddit structures although you might have to look carefully to find them from afar.

Just in front of these buildings is a loading dock that is now covered in graffiti. There are also a few coal car tracks that were used to abandoned places to explore pittsburgh reddit coal cars for loading onto large trucks.

Beware there is a private property sign at the front of the entrance hidden by the brush. You can ask the municipality for permission to enter the site. If you are careful and do not further destroy the site they are more than happy to have you visit. Walk up the road until you see a small stone wall. Be sure to bring someone with you, bug spray, tick repellent, and your camera. Next on our list of the abandoned places to explore pittsburgh reddit best abandoned places in Pennsylvania is Cascade Park.

At the turn of the century, Cascade Park was a booming amusement park that attracted guests from all over Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Opened On May 29,in Newcastle Pennsylvania, Cascade Park had a rollerskating rink, dancing pavilion, rides, and outdoor tether, and an indoor roller coaster called The Figure Eight. The park had ice skating in the winter and swimming in the summer months. In a tragic accident happened that would put an end to the park for good.

Two guests died while riding in the first car of the rollercoaster which dipped through a gorge. Witnesses said they saw the victims thrown from the car. After the deaths park put seatbelts in the coaster but it was eventually demolished due to a termite infestation. A new roller coaster was built in that was abandoned places to explore pittsburgh reddit updated version of the previous wooden coaster but in the decades that followed the park experienced poor maintenance resulting in many rides having to be closed for safety issues or a lack of insurance.

During the s vandalism was rampant at the park. Someone even stole 15 carousel horses from the merry-go-round. The second rollercoaster was damaged by a falling tree and was deemed too expensive to перейти на источник in In the s the park became more nature-focused with picnic areas and a fitness trail.

While there have been efforts to restore the swimming pool it is still in a state of disrepair and remains closed. Today, you can walk around Cascade park and find many different relics from the past including supports for the old roller coasters, several buildings, and seemingly random concrete slabs. This park is still in use to this day for concerts and events. Many people even choose to have their wedding ceremony here.

If you visit Cascade Park be aware that the gorge has some large rocks that can be читать статью to navigate. The Windber Trolley Graveyard is a priceless treasure among the urbex community. This famous site has been explored and нажмите чтобы прочитать больше by many and is still available for all to see. The trolleys sit on vacant tracks in rural western Pennsylvania. It is easy to see these ruins as part of a horror film or the remains of a disaster, but the real story is much lighter.

Ed Metka made a career as a civil engineer in the Army Corps of Engineers. He grew up in Chicago in the s during the peak of trolley transportation. After he ссылка на продолжение he worried that many of the trolley models he loved were being sold for scrap metal or destroyed.

So he bought 14 trolley cars from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and restored each truck back to its former abandoned places to explore pittsburgh reddit.

He even purchased a bit of land in Windber, Abandoned places to explore pittsburgh reddit to house his beloved collection of trolleys. Deep in the woods lies his collection of trolleys. Tree branches and brush have pushed through shattered windows and have filled the interiors with leaves and dirt.

But these trolley cars are not abandoned. The land they sit on is an active scrapyard and there is a security guard that makes sure the cars are not vandalized. The cars still belong to Mr. Metka and he hopes to one day see each car reach its former glory. The collector has yet to find a buyer for the vintage cars although he is in talks with many East Coast cities that would like to revisit the idea of trolley car transportation.

These cars may look a little worse for wear but they are in no way abandoned. Ed Metka himself sometimes occasionally gives tours. If you are on the hunt for a great respirator to more safely observe some of these incredible abandoned places in Pennsylvania, we highly recommend the 3M for a full-face option and the North if you would prefer a half-face option. Find more respirator options in our in-depth guide. These furnaces smelted over 1, tons of iron per day to be sent to local mills in the area.

The Carrie Furnaces discontinued operations in and the furnaces still remain. The Carrie furnaces were part of the Homestead Steel Works and were built in Over 15, people staffed the Homestead Steel Works during the Узнать больше здесь World War and steel became the ethos of Pittsburgh and the surrounding small towns in the area.

During the s almost abandoned places to explore pittsburgh reddit of the small-town mills closed. There are a few traces of the former Homestead Steel Works still in the area. However, the Carrie Furnaces are one of the ones in the best condition. These furnaces, numbers 6 and 7, still stand near Braddock and Rankin. Surrounded by railroads the furnaces are closed to the public but the Rivers of Steel Heritage Corporation does offer tours of the furnaces abandoned places to explore pittsburgh reddit May to October.

The abandoned places to explore pittsburgh reddit focus on notable graffiti, photography, and stories from the retired steelworkers. The small town of Slateford Pennsylvania is the type of palace one might pass through on the way to somewhere else, but then you would miss the Delaware River Viaduct.

It stands with concrete legs in the Delaware River measuring 65 feet tall.