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Are there bears in greenville south carolina
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Jul 27,  · By Ben Hooper. July 27 (UPI) — A South Carolina woman’s security camera captured video of the moment a bear strolled onto her front porch and rang the doorbell in the . Apr 14,  · SCDNR offers these suggestions to better coexist with bears: Birdfeed and feeders: If a bear starts getting into your bird feeders, take the feeders down and put them . Sep 21,  · PUMPKINTOWN, S.C. —. An Upstate woman is pleading for folks not to feed bears after two bears ate her chickens and destroyed her property. “If you have chickens and .

Bear Population in SC Rising; Experts Warn Motorists to Use Caution – .Bears spotted in Spartanburg, here’s what to do if you encounter one


One of the bears attracted to the area had to be relocated 90 miles away but was back within a week. If a bear will not stay away, it has to be destroyed. So don’t feed bears, Still warns, because instead of helping the bear, the feeding might indirectly lead to its death.

While encounters with black bears are rare, experts say to treat all black bears with caution. Because bears are curious and quickly become accustomed to human activity, they may develop aggressive food-seeking habits that make them dangerous. Still offered these simple rules to remember when in bear country or in the backcountry in general:.

If a black bear charges, it will be at high speed on all four legs. A bear will not attack while standing. Most charges are bluffs, and bears often stop or veer to the side at the last moment. However, if contact appears unavoidable, do not play dead. This strategy may work with grizzly bears, but not with black bears. Experts say to act aggressively with black bears. Defend yourself with whatever means are available. You want to appear dominant and frighten the bear. Jump up and down, shout, and wave your arms.

Life Expectancy The average life expectancy is 18 years in the wild. Black bears reach sexual maturity by 3 years and obtain most of their growth by 5 years. Preferred Habitat Typically, black bears require large expanses of forest dominated by a diversity of mast-producing hardwoods and shrubs intermixed with early successional vegetation such as blackberries, pokeberries, etc. Wetlands such as swamps and bays also provide good habitat. However, black bears are adaptable.

As long as they can find adequate food sources and have suitable den sites, black bears can be found in a variety of habitats. Range Black bears can be found throughout North America.

In South Carolina, there are two resident populations of black bears, one in the mountains and upper piedmont and one in the coastal plain. Home range for bears must include den sites, food, water and cover for adults and young. Typically male bear home ranges can be 18 to square miles, while home ranges for females are smaller, around square miles.

A shortage of natural food sources and lack of rainfall can cause home ranges to vary greatly. Black bears will travel large distances to find adequate food sources. In addition, juvenile bears, especially the males, must disperse to find new home territories. Dispersing juvenile bears have been sighted in many counties in South Carolina.

These bears are usually transient and do not stay in the area for long. They came right back and tore a solid wood door in half to get to my only remaining living chicken! Never Feed Or Approach Bears.

Intentionally feeding bears or allowing them to find anything that smells or tastes like food teaches bears to approach homes and people looking for more. Learn More. Secure Food, Garbage And Recycling. Removing feeders is the best way to avoid creating conflicts with bears. Never Leave Pet Food Outdoors. Feed pets indoors when possible. If you must feed pets outside, feed in single portions and remove bowls afterward.

Clean grills after each use and make sure that all grease, fat and food particles are removed.


Are there bears in greenville south carolina.Be bear aware in South Carolina bear country, officials remind

GREENVILLE – Although there has never been a recorded bear attack on a human in South Carolina, wildlife officials and park managers are. A big black bear was spotted and caught on camera Sunday in at least two places.