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Are there bears in greenville south carolina – are there bears in greenville south carolina
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No injuries or deaths have been attributed to black bears in South Carolina, according to Skip Still, wildlife biologist with the S.

But as more people move into bear territory in South Carolina’s mountains and coastal areas, encounters between humans and bears are on the increase. It’s less likely to be afraid of people. One of the bears attracted to the area had to be relocated 90 miles away but was back within a week. If a bear will not stay away, it has to be destroyed.

So don’t feed bears, Still warns, because instead of helping the bear, the feeding might indirectly lead to its death. While encounters with black bears are rare, experts say to treat all black bears with caution. Because bears are curious and quickly become accustomed to human activity, they may develop aggressive food-seeking habits that make them dangerous.

Still offered these simple rules to remember when in bear country or in the backcountry in general:. If a black bear charges, it will be at high speed on all four legs. A bear will not attack while standing. Most charges are bluffs, and bears often stop or veer to the side at the last moment. However, if contact appears unavoidable, do not play dead. This strategy may work with grizzly bears, but not with black bears. Experts say to act aggressively with black bears.

Defend yourself with whatever means are available. You want to appear dominant and frighten the bear. Jump up and down, shout, and wave your arms. Throw rocks. It may help to raise your jacket or backpack to make yourself look bigger.

Do not run, as this may trigger the bear’s predatory instincts. Black bear is the only species of bear found in the eastern United States, according to Still, and some , black bears are known to exist in North America.

On the average continent-wide, one person per year is killed by black bear, and only two of these fatalities have been in the eastern United States, with most occurring in Canada. Only 3. South Carolina has a brief black bear hunting season open only during October in its mountain counties – Greenville, Oconee and Pickens. With some regularity coastal and mountain bears fall victim to highway collisions, particularly as people build more roads and houses in their habitat.

But for the other 11 months of the year and in the greatest part of South Carolina, bears are not hunted and are free to roam wherever they want. Conflicts arise as roaming bears come into contact with humans unfamiliar with bears and their ways.

Too often people become afraid for their lives, so they call the authorities, and bears get confused by human reactions and often end up “treed” amidst a public-media circus before being allowed to wander away on their own. The problem is not too many bears, Still said, it’s too many people moving into a bear habitat: “A decade ago we never had these problems.

More and more people are moving to bear country, and they are bound to meet up with bears at some point. It doesn’t help that bears can smell things a long ways off. Each year the DNR gets reports of more and more bear sightings, and they are beginning to be outside the core mountain area and in some fringe areas.

These bears are usually young males chased away by sows, or female bears, who are preparing to breed, or by dominant male bears, who perceive the young males as competition. Most of these wandering bears are just passing through, but if there is an easy meal lying around, of course they will take advantage of it. The key to dealing with bears, Still said, is not giving them a reason to hang around.

Still recommends storing pet food indoors and keeping garbage securely contained. Bears will also eat birdseed. Still suggests removing bird feeders for a short time the birds won’t starve or bringing the feeders in at night until the bear has lost interest and moved away.

Keep grills cleaned and covered. If you have beehives, protect them with protective, electric fences. Bears have to eat to survive, and when we’re in such proximity, conflicts are bound to arise. Bears may wander close to humans, but if you don’t give them a reason to stay and eat, then very soon they’re headed back to the forest.

Still offered these simple rules to remember when in bear country or in the backcountry in general: Be alert at all times Respect all bears – they can be dangerous Never approach a bear for any reason. Photographs should be taken from a safe distance with a telephoto lens Never feed bears or other wildlife Have a plan of action for dealing with bears and be sure everyone understands it If you are traveling with small children, make sure you know where they are at all times.

Consider carrying a chemical repellent, commonly referred to as “pepper spray.


Are there bears in greenville south carolina – are there bears in greenville south carolina.Black Bear Sightings In South Carolina


Tammy Wactor, wildlife biologist with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, said there csrolina an estimatedblack bears across South Carolina, with most found in the more heavily forested and mountainous Upstate region, and a smaller population of bears in the coastal areas.

Although that is much smaller than the estimated 7, black bears carlina North Carolina, Wactor said with more people moving into the Upstate, especially on the edges of the forest, a bear-human conflict could happen. People have been expanding into the northern part of the state over last 20 years, so there are no isolated forest areas anymore for the bears. There is a lot of urban interface – people want to live in the mountains.

After treatment at Mission Hospital in Asheville, he returned home to Ohio. The camper was not harmed. They are not provided. Campers must purchase their own canisters. This close call with a young man in the Smokies stresses how important it is for people to be bear aware and manage their food properly. These things can give you an idea that больше на странице are in the area. Are there bears in greenville south carolina – are there bears in greenville south carolina Stegenga, naturalist with Table Rock State Park, a 3,acre spread of forest in northern Pickens County, said the park has been aggressive in educating the public to prevent bear-human conflicts, since both the bearw and human populations are on the rise across the Upstate.

The people population is also booming. Table Rock saw a nearly 8 percent increase in visitors inup tofroma year earlier. Stegenga agrees with Are there bears in greenville south carolina – are there bears in greenville south carolina that there is bound to be encounters between people and bears, but the park is determined to keep all two- and four-legged creatures safe.

The new trash bins are at all the picnic areas and two campgrounds. Park staff has also put up educational posters and fliers that talk about what to do and what not to do in bear country, and also incorporate bear safety into their interpretive and educational programs. The messages seem to be working. Stegenga said most of the bear sightings have been on hiking trails or crossing the park road. There has never been a report of a bear being aggressive in the park.

If you come читать a corner and surprise them, just действительно. minnesota university ranking ошибаетесь up on a rock or log and make yourself look bigger, throw something at them, blow a whistle, wave your arms; just appear bigger than they are, wave arms.

Secure it, tie it up on a tree craolina, or put it in a car trunk, because bears have an excellent sense of smell.

Even something like shampoo or toothpaste can attract them. Securing food sources and properly disposing of trash darolina prevents any problems, he said. Right now, bears are on the prowl for food since ссылка на продолжение natural food sources, such as blueberries, blackberries and cherries, are just starting to ripen, Stegenga said.

Bears also dig up yellow jacket nests to eat the larva. In the fall, they will transition to eating acorns. But never trust a bear to turn down a free meal greenvlile smells at a campsite. Playing dead is not appropriate. June A teenage boy is dragged from his hammock and mauled by a bear while sleeping in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

August A Candler man and his dog were injured in a scuffle with a bear, which started when the bear attacked the dog. October A llama at an eastern Buncombe farm was attacked by a bear and had to be euthanized. Be bear aware in South Are there bears in greenville south carolina – are there bears in greenville south carolina bear country, officials remind. Facebook Twitter Email.


– VIDEO: Black bear rings Greenville County woman’s doorbell

Jul 28,  · But most people don’t realize that bears are found all over South Carolina – even in the counties along and near the coast. In fact, for the past two years, the South . Black bears can be found throughout North America. In South Carolina, there are two resident populations of black bears, one in the mountains and upper piedmont and one in the coastal . Apr 12,  · In: Greenville, Upstate, The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources reminds the public that black bears in South Carolina are waking up from their winter .