Desire to find out if your date show an all natural beat? We requested sway Patrol‘s king swinger Scott Cupit to demonstrate united states some strategies to give you and your lover started about party floor.

“the main thing we wish from a course is a great experience. This is the opposite of social media marketing – you’ll dance with somebody and have now a laugh and it’s no force.”

Scott Cupin’s look is transmittable, as their feet move in a carefully choreographed sequence of tips, kicks and, obviously, shifts, showing a 1920’s Charleston to eHarmony and our very own photographer.

With routine classes presented across London for everyone from absolute newbies to severe swingers, Scott’s Swing Patrol is amongst the more energetic evenings out presented in our Great Date Guide. And also as the guy once again takes you through the rapid, quick, slow, slow, of this novice’s action the guy breathlessly informs us precisely why dance is the ideal activity for getting understand somebody.

“You’re interacting, you will get a feel for somebody who’s got a connection like yours. I’ve seen many relationships start at all of our courses, it’s just a great location to discuss an experience.”

In the event that you fancy attempting a night out together on dancing flooring then you can discover the closest sway Patrol course on their site. Browse our very own photographs of Scott with his performers for action (photos by Toby Vandevelde) below:



Since introducing Swing Patrol in 1998 Scott provides created classes throughout the world, from Australia to London, and also this year has observed his troupes do at festivals like the trick Garden Party and wild, also competing within the London Jitterbug Championships.


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