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Download as PDF Printable version. The girls learn that Earth is in the path of a comet that could destroy the planet. ZDF Enterprises worldwide [1]. Bruce Phillips series 1 Zenon Sawko series 2—3. I found where Emma’s house is located the address is 44 Anglers Esplanade. Best Drama Show [19].


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I travel to Queensland, where the shows читать больше filmed, pretty frequently, so its fairly easy to work out locations! Some of which I’ve visited in person, such as the Juice Net Cafe location.

Also, please note, that all of these locations are outdoor sets, most of the indoor scene are filmed at Village Roadshow Studios, The Moon Pool was constructed in Soundstage 5which is on the Gold Coast too, its just next door to the Movie World theme park.

H2O Just Add Water 17 replies. Hi there! I have the location of Cleos house but Продолжить have searched Everywhere for Emma’s, Rikki’s and Charlotte house location Have you had any luck with finding out their house locations? Cleos house is 36 margaroola biggera waters. H2l visited the Marina Restaurant huh? I bet that was a surreal experience. How was the interior? Was it locationd similar to the show or was it just bland? I too have been nust Google Earth checking out some of the show locations.

I can’t h2o just add water locations Emma’s house or the Trailer Park for the life of me. I figured that Emma’s place would be easy to find. I haven’t waater able to locate either. Any luck? I found where Emma’s house is located the address is 44 Anglers Esplanade.

The house looks a bit different to what is was in the show New fence, paint job but you can tell its the house as it has the same features.

Yeah that’s definitely it. How did you manage to find it? Now we just have to find the freaking trailer park! Hi guys and gals, Loocations am hazarding a guess that the trailer park used in filming was Tallebudgera Creek Tourist Park because as I live in the area, Ujst have noticed it looks similar.

Anyways, hopes this h2o just add water locations love you long time. Anwyway tysm girlfriend proper life saver xxxxx i wisy byron was still y2o. OMG ikr even though i am a severely gay woman those curly locks just trapped me. And his pickup line “i saw you from over there and i thought EMMA! Anyway love you fellow merfriend hope we can meet up soon even though i am in Australia over a year ago.

Show 6 jhst comments…. Can you believe that scene where charlotte used poor little max to get info; so manipulative. Would love to meet up sometime i can come over some time and maybe try and ride the waves with byron xxx over a year ago. Good old lew am i right? Anyway Charlotte was a bit annoying right? And poor little Max indeed. Here in Australia, we worship H2O. Anyway lets have a sing shall we? I cant help but stick my finger up to the screen when charlotte is clearly controlling lewis and bullying charlotte.

Good on rikki for telling her where to go. And yes i agree so fit but dude wilfred was so fit i would of had me some of him and maybe even some loctions zayn if he would of put up with me /19681.txt we would of been a great family and adopted emily chan from that episode with the red dress.

Anyway i have to splash just started raining and cant get to school bye h2o just add water locations x over a year ago. Hey everyone, I’ve spent a lot of time over the h2i few years looking around Awter Earth trying to find as watwr filming locations as possible for H2O and Mako, and I think I finally have most of them.

The only place I am missing is Zane’s house. A few have already been posted by others. Here’s my list H2O Cleo’s house – 36 Margaroola Ave. Winxcat commented…. Recently rewatched H2O and wow! Aed must have took some dedication! Before coming across this h2o just add water locations, I tried finding the Juicenet by looking at all the Marinas in the Gold Coast and I got absolutely nowhere ahah. Your list is a live saver, thank you so much!!!

TaliaH2O commented…. I believe I’ve found Lewis’s favorite h2o just add water locations pier or at least its location–the pier itself looks a bit different.

I have found Zanes house: 40 H2o just add water locations drive, Bundall. I dont think it is it, its really close but zanes adr looks a bit bigger and has 3 big windows then two to the side over a year ago. Me and my sister are on a mission to find Zane’s house, we’ve been searching on google maps for 5 days straight now.

H2o just add water locations noticed from pictures that its across from a little curve in a canal and there are mountains to the left in the distance, but we’ve search the whole goldcoast locafions think and havent found any similar houses yet. I will update on here if we find it!!

I think my sister found Zanes house!!!! Locationw looks a lot different now because there is an area renovated but if you watch watwr 1 episode 22 the houses are the same as the houses across from zanes house! So far weve checked almost everything around it and its all adding up so heres the address Okay for some reason my account was suspended, but its me TaliaH2O right now.

So my sister found zanes house and we actually found out its a huge mansion that “the rock” filmed a part of a movie at! Hi everyone, I found some more H2O filming locations! Anybody know where the beach is where the girls jump into the locaations a bunch of times in season 1? Does anybody know where is the location of mako island? Something to say? Sign in with one of these options:.

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Retrieved 11 October You visited the Marina Restaurant huh? Locatioons episodes of series one Special features: H 2 O quiz game, character profiles of Emma, Cleo, Rikki, Lewis and Zane, photo gallery of series one, series one trailer, profiles of main characters. ZDF Enterprises.