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Highest paid state employee football coach
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Basically, it’s all coaches mostly football with a little hoop thrown in. July 12, by bright Leave a Comment.

A state employee is an individual who is employed by an agency in any branch of a state government. A state employee can otherwise be known as a special state appointee or a state officer. The highest-paid state employee in your state is probably a football or basketball coach — and by a wide margin.

Not minding the very great in size majority of America, the highest-paid public employee in the US is not the governor or a justice of its Supreme Court, but a college coach. Football coaches at public schools are placed at the top of the list, but basketball coaches are cashing in big-time, also.

In a situation where the cases are many, medical professionals, university administrators, or other positions earn the biggest pay.

If you would like to be the highest-paid public employee, the safest thing to do is to learn your Xs and Os. AOC vs Orthodox Jews. I can’t wait to see this! Second, if you’re Trans and choose to go to a Jewish sorry Orthodox Jewish college, you deserve a med. Spritz wins Biden Energy Prize.

I’d like to thank all the little people who helped me get here. You know who you are, and I am eternally grateful. Most of all, my family who have been willing to forgo air conditioning this summer. I knew Irish Dancing was fixed! You think this is bad, ballet is even worse! I hear that the entire production of Swan Lake is run by the Gambino Family. I’m continuing my boycott of all dance performances! Irish dancing rocked by. All Posts. Who are the highest paid public employees by state?

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Highest paid state employee football coach. College coaches dominate list of highest-paid public employees with seven-digit salaries


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