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What ticks are in south carolina
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The Gulf Coast tick is an important tick in SC that can cause Rickettsia parkeri, a recently identified and emerging new disease.

South Carolina companion animal and livestock owners are encouraged to work with their veterinarian to determine an appropriate tick prevention and treatment program for their animals.

For the Asian longhorned tick, permethrin and other products approved for other ticks are effective for prevention and treatment. Pasture and lawn control measures—such as maintaining low grass height, controlling weeds and other brushy areas, and removing woody debris from pasture and lawn edges—can reduce tick-bite risk.

Maintaining a 9-foot distance between pasture or lawn and wooded edge habitat can reduce the risk of tick contact. We encourage owners to contact their county extension agent for additional information. New tick species and new tick-borne disease pathogens have been identified in our state. Please help us identify tick species movement in our state by sending ticks you find on your domestic animals or livestock.

Melissa Nolan msnolan mailbox. Kyndall Braumuller kyndallb email. You can either request a tick collection kit to be sent to your house or business from DHEC Medical Entomology or you can send us dead ticks directly.

You should have pest control experts handle any tick infestations you have on your property. Whether you have ticks inside your home or living in your yard, professional pest control technicians can eliminate them before they are able to spread any diseases to you or your pets.

You can prevent ticks from becoming a problem on your property by taking a few steps. Our technicians have the education and experience required for providing exceptional pest control. Contact us for information on our free point inspection for your SC property. Facebook Twitter Youtube. Client Login. Deer Ticks Also known as blacklegged ticks, these woodland ticks are found in outdoor areas rather than inside homes.

Brown Dog Ticks Brown dog ticks are a tick species that are found inside structures instead of outdoor areas. Wood Ticks Wood ticks, also known as American dog ticks, are another woodland tick species that can be a threat to humans.

Females have an off-white shield, whereas adult males have a mottled appearance. Adult females pose the greatest danger of getting bitten during the spring and summer months. Blacklegged ticks are sometimes known as deer ticks. They appear reddish-brown with a distinctive white spot behind the head or capitulum. Ticks of the brown dog variety are reddish-brown and have a narrow form compared to other ticks. They can be found everywhere but are usually located in sunny areas such as hiking trails, beaches, lawns, parks, and under bushes and trees.

There are thousands of ticks in the world, and they vary greatly in size, type, and where they are found. A professional can help you identify the type of tick and then provide a removal solution. Contact Vinx Pest Control if you are concerned about ticks on your property and have questions regarding tick removal.

Our team will be able to assess your home, identify the type of tick, and offer a tick eradication strategy.



Types of Ticks in South Carolina.

Most Common Ticks In South Carolina · Blacklegged Tick aka Deer Tick Ixodes scapularis (woodland tick) · Lone-Star Tick aka Seed Tick Amblyomma americanum . Common Ticks Found in South Carolina The lonestar tick is the most collected species in SC. This tick can cause alpha-gal allergy (red meat allergy).