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Complete travel rules for free camping in Europe. Find out where to free camp and where it’s better to pick one of our verified wherw. Help us spread the knowledge by sharing the map and keeping it up-to-date. Not offroad. Motorised campers need permission or camping sign. Portugal allows campers to spend 2 nights in a car or camper in one location. Algarve region is more strict. We recommend to stay in a campsites of Croatia.

In where can you camp for free uk of Europe, you are allowed to sleep in the vehicle for the restoration of driving ability. In Croatia even a short sleep no camping behavior can be punished. When sleeping on private property, the owner can yuo be punished. Most of the country would be yo green color, but there are some regions in Austria with strict regulations.

Most of the country would be in green color, but there are some regions in Switzerland with strict regulations.

If there is a campsite in Switzerland caml is highly likely that freecamping will be fined. The most advanced camping country of Europe with many municipal freecamping spots equipped with toilet disposal and freshwater taps. Slovenia, like Croatia, guards its natural beauty new track in york race horse, so you can’t park in the wild unless a road sign specifically allows it. The reward for this is the active construction of municipal camper parks.

Camping in England is really tricky, it is do-able but not easy, nor technically legal. Scotland is running a scheme called Stay the Night where self-contained campervans and motorhomes can stay one night in Forestry Commission wheree parks between certain months of the /17067.txt. Wildcamping is legal in Scotland but this is aimed at hikers in tents. In Wales, it again is illegal to wild camp, unless you have permission from the landowner, which is often easier said than done.

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Ever wondered where the best free motorhome camping spots are in the UK and Europe but had no idea where to start looking? In this article, we explore all the resources you need, from finding the right campsite for you to motorhome parking tips for a night of free camping. Of course, camping for free in a motorhome is possible! You just need to be wary of the rules depending on where you are in the UK or Europe, so independent research is advised in order to stay safe out there and to avoid any unwanted fines.

All over the place! There are many places you can camp for free in a motorhome, you just have to know where to find the gems! Although you might not necessarily think of it as a serene, go-to camping spot, supermarkets are actually a great place to set up for the night in your motorhome. Woodland car parks, lay-bys, park and ride facilities, and patches of unused ground are also popular options.

Always make sure you check the signs when you park in places to make sure you don’t end up with a fine. Check out our article about Brit Stops , which we think is a great idea. It is a one off fee, you get the book of contacts of places such as farm shops, pubs and we even stopped over at a brewery one night who were even kind enough to lend us there power at no cost! Not all have power or facilities While your there it is always nice to show your support by buying a meal or in our case a few bottles of beer from them.

In the UK, you can occasionally pay a small fee to a campsite to dispose of your waste properly, use the toilet, and can replenish your water supplies. Depending on where you are, there is also likely to also be local amenities nearby if you do a quick internet search.

Alternatively, you could try to find one of the rare motorhome service points provided by the local authorities, however, these tend to be few and far between so make sure that you do your research before. In Europe, on the other hand, service points are common and can be found at aires, supermarkets, and garages along the road, so be sure to look out for them. When it comes to finding free motorhome camping spots, you always run the risk that you might be moved on or receive a fine from the local authorities, especially in a national park or beach car park.

Free motorhome camping spots are a privilege, not a right, so always make sure that you take your rubbish away with you and dispose of it properly.

After all, you want to make sure that these spots remain free, right? Camping for free in a motorhome is similar to wild camping. The majority of people consider motorhome wild camping as when you find a remote spot without other people or vans around, whereas free overnight motorhome parking in the UK and Europe like in Italy is more about finding somewhere safe to sleep without it costing anything. This then summarises the distinct difference between wild camping and camping for free in a motorhome.

There are multiple ways to find the best spots to camp. There are a copious number of apps, all of which have mapping and navigation services covering the UK and Europe. These apps know where you are using GPS functionality and, as a result, will show you what is available to you in that area.

Check out the following websites and apps that are free and can be bought to find the best camping spots below! Park4night is an excellent motorhome parking app that is free, that includes multiple nearby places to stop from campsites to supermarket car parks, fields, and also lay-bys. All the locations are added by fellow app users so you can add ones you find too, you can search by places near by or by a specific area. Once you find a place you like the look of, you can click in to take a closer look, see facilities they have and a list of fellow users reviews of the place.

This option is perfect for individuals that prefer wild camping or generally being off the grid! Conveniently explore over 30, campsites in your pocket, free of charge. The options are truly endless. Find the best motorhome stops with Campy! We like this app as it shows you places in the area, what it is suitable for tents, campers etc and an idea of price if any and how many spots they have on site.

Once you click in to look at a site there are photos, reviews and a handy button for directions which allows you to choose your preferred map app like google maps or waze.

This app shows you mostly campsites. We like it when you click on the map the detail comes up at the bottom rather than across the middle of the map so you can reselect another spot easily to look at if you like. Stayfree is a relatively new app to discover the best camping spots nearby. Unlike some others this app you have to sign in with your email or facebook to access it. This app covers the uk and europe which is really handy too. When we tried the app it could not pick up our location though Slightly annoyingly it pops up trying to sell you premium the first 3 or so sites you click on before you start being able to see the detail for the sites.

Details of the sites show up with photos people have contributed and a rating. You can see who contributed on here and make “friends” with them too if you into that kind of thing. However, it is worth mentioning that the app is reliant on community input and feedback, which might account for its small size in comparison to a few of the other alternatives that we provide in this article. For inspiration on your next motorhome trip, Camperstop is a great option!

You can however get a free short trial when you first download it. There are some handy icon pictures that give you an idea of the kind of spot it is like pub car park etc, it tells you the price and there are ratings too. There’s not a huge amount of listings on here. There are also moving ads at the bottom the whole time on the trial which could slow your experience down. When you click into the listing you have an option to navigate using your chosen map provider, very obvious buttons to add your thoughts on the spot from reviews, to photos and a very handy weather forecast drop down for that area which we like as if your planning ahead in a few days time to visit the area you can see when the best day weather wise is to go.

There is also a drop down for the nearest supermarkets, pubs etc from that location which is also handy if that is something you need at your next stop. This app requires you to set up a log in and confirm your email address to get into, you can use a free version with display ads.

Once you get in, you can search by location, nearby or have it search an area that you move the map to. There are filters for campsites, motorhome stopovers and has a map view at the top with list view at the bottom so you don’t have to click on each one you can scroll through the list at the bottom, handy. You can then filter by rating and price if you wanted. Once you look into a site you can see the photos, reviews and price. There are a good few free layover places on there too, we like the layout and usability of the app, shame you can’t navigate using your chosen map provider.

The app includes features such as the best spots in each country, to provide you with inspirational things to check out along the road as well as potential route ideas. Searchforsites is a huge database that you can scour for all types of stopovers imaginable on an app and website, depending on whichever you prefer.

With over k members providing and updating information daily, you are sure to find the best free motorhome camping spot recommendations on there. You need to sign up to access the app and it takes a bit to download so we think it could take up a bit of space on your memory, the search for sites are picked up as you move the map around as well as a regular search by location at the top.

You can do map view or list view. Once you tap on a chosen site it brings up the photos, information, quick buttons for call and email the site. There are reviews on here too and a handy section for unit types so if you have a big camper or tent you can see if they can accommodate you. This one does have navigation options too using your chosen map provider. We like this app and the way there is a quick snap shot of the site with icons for facilities and when they are open.

It would be better if you could filter by price. It’s also possible to purchase motorhome pitch information by country with your ACSI discount card which you can then use online or offline. You can filter by more than amenities, and see where you can spend the night nearby at a glance. Why not give it a whirl? Advertised as Find Wildcamping Spots, the Instagram page and app, Vanlifelocation, helps you find and share the best camping spots across Europe!

Browse the idyllic pictures that all have their location attached for inspiration and join the community! When you open the app right at the top there are spots nearby, great idea if your often looking for your next spot right now. On map view you can move around and see the spots as you do, theres definitely not as many spots on here as some of the other apps. As these listings are uploaded by the community they don’t always have photos of the spot and when they do they are not always the best quality, same goes for the information like amenities they wont all be filled in.

When you go into the listing you have the details, mainly location including what3words which is handy for more off the grid locations. There is also the reviews tab on there to see others and easily add your own.

This app is a really nice idea but I think will improve the more people use it and hopefully they will add more photos and reviews to make it even better. This app is free and does need a log in. We think this app is more set up in Europe at the moment so if you are travelling over there definitely one to have.

Although this is a private Facebook group until you request to join it, the Campervan Overnight Parking Facebook group has nearly , members. Although this is the largest group on Facebook, there are many others that you can join if you prefer! Who knows, you might even meet some friends! A great advantage of Maps. There are multiple ways to find the best free motorhome camping spots that are the perfect choice for you along the road, you just have to know the best places to look for them!

The world is meant to be explored. Be safe out there and enjoy! Is it possible to camp for free in a motorhome? Table of Contents. Where can you camp for free in a motorhome? Do free motorhome camping spots have facilities? Do you need to be careful of motorhome and campervan parking laws? Is camping for free in a motorhome the same as wild camping?

How do you find the best spots to camp? StayFree – Vanlife App. Facebook Campervan Overnight Parking. In summary. A fruit farm stopover in Scotland.


Where can you camp for free uk

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