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He was officially revealed on June 12th, alongside Dr. Mario , Duck Hunt , and the rest of the returning roster. This grants him mobility that is fairly average overall, yet balanced compared to most of his fellow heavyweights. This, along with several of his other attributes, most notably his extremely long-distanced recovery, noticeably set him apart from most of them.

Like in Brawl and Smash 4 , R. Robo Beam enables him to attack from considerable distance, and becomes the noticeably stronger Super Robo Beam when it is left idle for While Robo Beam interrupts opponents faster, Super Robo Beam deals more damage and has higher knockback growth. Gyro is an auto- chargeable projectile that becomes an item when fired. Compared to Robo Beam, it has a more favorable angle for disrupting opponents, while also being more manipulable as a projectile and having greater kill power.

Thanks to R. Aside from his projectiles, R. B’s ground game is also excellent. Jab comes out on frame 3 and acts as a quick move at low percentages to escape pressure situations, and it can also jab lock and combo.

Forward tilt can be useful for spacing at higher percentages since it comes out on frame 7, but its usefulness ends there. Up tilt comes out on frame 4, and is very good for acting as an anti air and combos into his up air. Down tilt is R. It also combos into itself at lower percentages, and at higher percents it can combo into grab or dash attack, and can send opponents into a jab lock scenario for a KO at relatively low percentages.

Lastly, dash attack is useful for punishing landings and whiffs, is very fast at frame 7, has decently long range, and can combo into his forward air at low to mid percentages. Neutral aerial has large, disjointed hitboxes that make it great for covering the opponents options if they lack the range to deal with it.

It’s also very hard to punish out of shield, due to its damage, total landing lag 7 frames and range. It is also a reliable combo starter at low to medium percentages when SHFF ‘d, as well as a useful spacing option and, to a lesser extent, a kill move.

Back and down aerials are R. However, they also boast their own specific strengths. Back air has recovery potential thanks to it propelling R.

Not only that, but it is also one of the strongest back aerials in the game. Down air is a meteor smash that can hit below the ledge and KO very early if done so. It is also active for 6 whole frames, making it difficult to avoid for characters with linear recoveries. Lastly, forward aerial is R. However, its hitbox has much shorter range and isn’t disjointed.

Forward and back throws are decent for spacing and setting up edge-guards. Back throw can also KO at the ledge at very high percents, and both can combo into dash attack or gyro at very low percents. In comparison, R. It is his most damaging throw, a solid kill move especially when boosted by rage or if he lands on a platform , and can even be used for combos at low percentages. His down throw, despite not being a kill move, is also one of his best tools for taking a stock.

While it deals poor damage, it buries opponents, allowing for followups into up tilt, up air, or even up smash. However, with mashing, the opponent can typically get out before R. As such, it is more of a read-based tool rather than a guaranteed method for taking a stock. Although R. Despite having a good chunk of moves with respectable KO potential, landing his kill moves can be problematic because of them either being laggy or having unimpressive ranges, or possibly even both.

The latter trait is particularly noticeable in regard to R. His grab game is also hindered by his overall grab range being the shortest in the game. In addition to R. This also means that he has difficulty dealing with combo-oriented characters, such as Pikachu and Mario. This is further compounded by his above average falling speed, as well as his aerials’ inability to reliably break combos: neutral and down aerials are very slow in terms of startup, forward and up aerials only hit in front of and above R.

Overall, R. While his overall range is rather small for a zoner like him, it is functional in the long run regardless. However, R. Similarly to Mario , R. Arguably R. Previously universally regarded as one of the worst attacks in Smash 4 , it executes faster, with reduced startup lag, much less ending lag, and larger hitboxes with improved angles that connect with each other much better.

This not only significantly improves its use as an edgeguarding option, but when combined with the other changes made to his moveset, it has now become one of the most devastating combo finishers in Ultimate , granting R. Several of R. Forward smash and back aerial deal more knockback, granting them increased KO potential and toning down one of R. Up tilt has had its first hit’s hitbox from Brawl restored, increasing its range and reliability.

Down smash also launches opponents at a consistent angle, improving its consistency all around. Robo Beam has larger hitboxes and launches at lower angles, improving their effectiveness as edgeguarding options. Lastly, Gyro has been significantly buffed: it can now be returned to the dock once R. It can also now be jump canceled. These changes grant R. The universal increase in mobility and the ability to use any attack out of a run cancel allows him to close out the distance more effectively and compounds his improved up-close game.

The universally increased shieldstun for grounded attacks has also been fairly beneficial to R. The universal decrease to landing lag noticeably improves R. Lastly, the changes to air dodging benefit R.

His grab game has been weakened overall, with universal changes to grabs hindering the safety of his grabs despite his improved standing grab. His up throw has increased endlag, making follow-ups harder, and his down throw now buries, allowing for read-based follow-ups at high percents, but removing any guaranteed set-ups at low to mid percents, particularly his effective down throw-up air combo, dubbed the “Beep Boop”.

This has lead to a strikingly positive reception from the competitive Smash community, with most players viewing him as a high tier or even top tier character, in comparison to his mid tier status in both Brawl and SSB4. B has received a mix of buffs and nerfs via game updates, but has been slightly nerfed overall. The removal of Gyro canceling was significant, as it effectively removed several movement options and advanced techniques R.

B was affected more than most other characters during version 3. Overall, while faring slightly worse than at launch, R. For a gallery of R. Note: All numbers are listed as base damage, without the 1v1 multiplier.

The light on R. From the start of the game, R. With better approach options, more versatile projectiles with Gyro and Robo Beam, even more threatening KO options, and an improved edgeguarding game, he has always been seen as an excellent zoner with a wide array of utility options. Because of this, he was immediately seen as a competitively viable character. Additionally, R.

After offline returned, R. In particular, Zomba has been getting rather consistent top 8 placements, notably getting 2nd at Glitch – Infinite , 4th at Smash World Tour Championships and 5th at both GENESIS 8 and Pound , causing many to believe the character is top 10 with Dabuz saying the character is top 5.

In online tournaments, which were the standard during the worldwide COVID pandemic, causing almost all offline tournaments to switch to online, R. Ultimate from July 13th, to December 15th, See also: Category:R. His boss, Galleom , fits in with the theme due to being a robot and lacking an expressive face. Credits roll after completing Classic Mode.

Completing it as R. He can be found in the Mysterious Dimension sub-area, as the fighter closest to the entrance, standing in a floating island with scattered mechanical junk. To reach him, the player must first defeat the spirit of Redd as the answer to a trivia question “Which of these spirits sells furniture?

It is also available periodically for purchase in the shop for Gold, but only after R. Unlocking R. As a fighter spirit, it cannot be used in Spirit Battles and is purely aesthetic. His fighter spirit has an alternate version that replaces it with his artwork in Ultimate. As in SSB4 , R. The Famicom colors are the default if the language is set to Japanese, Korean, or Chinese, while the NES colors are the default color if the language is set to any other language.

Newly scanned R. B amiibo default to the language’s default color instead of the color of the R. B amiibo, unlike other amiibo variants. Taunting on Shadow Moses Island. Crouching with a buried Wario on Gaur Plain. Attacking Marth with his down smash on Tomodachi Life.



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