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Safest cities in north carolina from hurricanes
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Its reputation has brought in a population increase of The next item on this list of safest cities in NC is actually composed of two towns that merged in Fuquay Springs and Varina joined to create a city whose popularity and population grew primarily due to the tobacco trade.

This town is one of the best places to visit in North Carolina as there are many things you can do here. Hiking and running trails, as well as picnic spots, can be found in Carroll Howard Johnson Park. It also has a historic mineral spring park. What makes people move to Fuquay-Varina permanently are the tolerable cost of living only 1. Crime numbers for looked like this: property crimes thefts, 48 burglaries, 13 vehicle thefts accompanied by 26 crimes that were violent 13 assaults, 10 robberies, 3 rapes were reported during the year.

Keep in mind that the national average is Named after Jeremiah Morris, who donated land for the railroad, Morrisville played a major role in the civil war.

The largest Confederate force of the war was forced to surrender here while retreating towards Durham County. What are the safest counties in NC? Wake County, which Morrisville is a part of, is certainly one of them. Nowadays, Morrisville has 31, inhabitants. Lake Crabtree and a county park with the same name are located on the outskirts of the town, offering boating, hiking, and biking for sports and nature enthusiasts.

Morrisville is certainly one of the best places in North Carolina with the combination of fun things to do , the below-average unemployment rate 3. Back in , Morrisville had only 5, residents. Since then, the population has grown by more than However, its average one-way commute time of Located just 14 miles north of Charlotte, Huntersville is a place of great debate. Some residents think the town was named in honor of a minister named Rev.

Humphrey Hunter. Another faction believes it was after a local cotton farmer, Robert Hunter. Finally, a third group of residents believe their town is most likely named after Elizabeth and Travis Hunter, a local teacher and crossing guard pair who parented the first baby boy in what is now one of the safest places to live in North Carolina.

Those traveling to this town must visit Latta Place , a plantation house turned into a museum. Also, with an unemployment rate 3. Another upside to living in Huntersville is its lower-than-average crime rate. In , property crimes thefts, burglaries, 65 vehicle thefts and 79 instances of violent crime 51 assaults, 23 robberies, 4 rapes, 1 murder were reported.

Huntersville has a cost of living that is Concord is the 10th largest city in North Carolina and one of the most interesting places for tourists. Initially inhabited by German and Irish immigrants, the city is part of the Charlotte metropolitan area. There are , people currently living in Concord.

On the other hand, tourists who prefer nature over rumbling engines and mall crowds have plenty of options , too. Additionally, Concord is a great place to live in, with an unemployment rate of just 5. In , 1, property crimes 1, thefts, burglaries, 99 vehicle thefts and violent crimes 84 assaults, 28 robberies, 1 rape, 4 murders were reported, according to the Concord, NC crime rate.

The only thing that can be taken as a flaw in this city is the population increase of Much like most of North Carolina, Knightdale started as a tobacco and cotton farming town. As evident in the unmarked grave plots throughout the city, Knightdale carries a shameful history of slave ownership.

Today, these plots are an important part of the landscape of a place that is now deemed one of the best small towns to live in North Carolina. This small town offers a fairly extensive list of amenities and close proximity to Raleigh, the second-largest city in NC. Crime statistics show property crimes thefts, 23 burglaries, 18 vehicle thefts and 42 violent crimes 23 assaults, 9 robberies, 10 rapes reported in Knightdale in Fortunately, no murders were recorded that year.

Despite being one of the best affordable places to live in North Carolina, it might not be the most peaceful town conducive to raising a family. Incorporated in , Clayton was once known as Stallings Station, after Sarah Stallings, whose home served as a depot for the North Carolina Railroad. The Civil War had a heavy impact on the city, deteriorating its already crumbling economy and causing a high percentage of the population to move out. This city appears to have it all.

Clayton will keep you busy and entertain you with countless things to do , but what gets people to stay is the positive job growth, an unemployment rate of 3. The annual crime data for Clayton shows that property thefts, 49 burglaries, 14 vehicle thefts and 40 violent crimes 24 assaults, 8 robberies, 7 rapes, 1 murder were reported during We have yet to look into the North Carolina crime rate in The only possible drawback to living in Clayton is that it attracts a lot of people.

In , Clayton was a town of fewer than 7, people. Since then, the population has increased by Even though some might enjoy the rumble of an expanding city, others might find it to be one of the worst places to live in North Carolina. Is Raleigh, NC safe? The city was chosen as the state capital in It is also one of the first examples of a planned city in the US, with a grid pattern and a State Capitol at the center of the grid.

These days, , people are living in Raleigh. Raleigh is the best city in North Carolina for tourists, with so many places to visit, such as the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences , the State Capitol , and others. Those who decide to move here will find the unemployment rate of 4. In , 8, property crimes 6, thefts, 1, burglaries, vehicle thefts and 1, violent crimes assaults, robberies, rapes, 5 murders were committed in the city.

The main negative side of living in Raleigh is its population growth rate. Since , the population has increased by Particularly, the city has been gaining 70, new residents every 10 years ever since the s. Situated on the coast of the Atlantic, Wilmington has always been an important port. It was first settled by the English and became the main supply point for the Confederate forces.

In , the city was designated as a Coast Guard City. Nowadays, , people live in Wilmington, who regard it as one of the best places to live in North Carolina near the beach, despite its flaws. Its historic downtown area should also be on your itinerary, as well as numerous other spots worth a visit.

New residents will find comfort in knowing that the unemployment rate is 5. The crime rate in Wilmington, NC for shows 3, property crimes 2, thefts, burglaries, vehicle thefts and violent crimes assaults, robberies, 74 rapes, 7 murders reported. The next item on the list is one of the best cities to live in North Carolina for beachgoers. Jacksonville was once a quaint lumber and tobacco town. Then, the US army decided that it would be the perfect spot for a military base.

More than families had to be relocated when the building began in From water pollution to land claim lawsuits, Jacksonville is a turbulent place. The median age of This is mostly due to the low cost of living Crime data for Jacksonville have not yet been released yet, but estimates for show that there were 3, property crimes and violent crimes reported.

The economy is far from diverse, as the military is the only major employer in the area. On top of that, the Jacksonville, NC crime rate is another major point against moving to this city. Once a Scottish settlement and the state capital, Fayetteville is a city that relies on Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base for most of its employment needs.

Multiple revitalization programs have brought the younger population to this part of North Carolina, even though it was always regarded as one of the best cities to retire in North Carolina. The relatively low median home value in this city is the main advantage for those looking to move here. Moreover, the cost of living is The same applies to the economy of the city, which is primarily dependent on the military.

When it comes to the Fayetteville, NC crime rate , the numbers are far from impressive: 7, property crimes 5, thefts, 1, burglaries, vehicle thefts and 1, violent crimes 1, assaults, robberies, rapes, 24 murders occurred in Issues such as the crime rate and one-sided economy are only exacerbated by the unemployment rate of 9. Despite being the third-largest city in terms of population, Greensboro remains among the affordable places to live in North Carolina. The city has always relied on the textile industry, even as the 21st century began.

Companies such as The North Face are based here. Greensboro is a major freight and passenger hub, with four Amtrak trains stopping in the city every day. This means that getting to and from Greensboro is not a difficult task, and even a daily excursion can easily be arranged. Living here is not expensive, as the cost of living is In , 10, property crimes 7, thefts, 2, burglaries, vehicle thefts were reported, alongside 2, violent crimes 1, assaults, robberies, rapes, 43 murders.

In addition to increased crime rates, Greensboro has an unemployment rate of 6. With a population of ,, Durham belongs to the top five most populated cities in North Carolina. Being the best city to live in North Carolina for students, Durham is home to Duke University and North Carolina Central University , both highly regarded institutions. Those who decide to move here and look for a job will have an easier time finding one than in most of the US, as the unemployment rate is just 4.

However, the Durham, NC crime rate does not make the city look too good. In , 10, property crimes 7, thefts, 1, burglaries, vehicle thefts and 2, violent crimes 1, assaults, robberies, rapes, 37 murders were reported. Violence and crime are the most obvious setbacks to living in Durham, and this might be what discourages most people from moving to this otherwise beautiful city. The next city on the list is one of the safest cities in North Carolina from natural disasters. Charlotte carries the name of a German princess in order to honor its European heritage.

It is home to Bank of America, Wells Fargo east coast operations , and sports teams such as the Hornets and the Panthers. Charlotte is a city of , people despite not being the safest city in North Carolina. Thousands of people visit Charlotte just for sporting events. On the other hand, visitors who are not into sports can still find other things to do.

Most people stay in the capital, but there are other, smaller towns you can explore as well. Every so often, hurricanes do hit Belize. However, they are extremely rare. Much of the beaches are surrounded by a barrier reef, so the swimming is calm and often undisturbed by waves.

Water volleyball and paddle boarding are all common due to the calm waters. With that said, it is also a great place to shop and eat. It does have a small nightlife, though it is mainly focused on the resorts. Roatan is a small island just off of the coast known for its bright green hills against the blue ocean.

There is a wide variety of beaches on this island. There are coral reefs and clear waters on the southern side of the island. This area is known as an up-and-coming resort area, and it is insulated from any potential hurricanes.

Pacific storms tend to go further north. While it is a peninsula, it also feels like an island. On top of beaches, it is also home to tropical rainforests that are surprisingly easy to hike in.

The beaches are secluded as well, thanks to the forests. Kayaking is popular due to the quieter waters. There is also an international airport about an hour away. However, you can also arrive by boat. A post shared by Panama Kite Center panamakitecenter. Population: 20, Last Hurricane: None Just an hour away from Panama City, this area is known for its great sun-soaked beaches.

It has become an ever-popular tourist destination over the years. On top of being free from hurricanes, this area also receives extremely little rain, making it a great place to vacation year-round. However, it is in the tropics, which means that it is very humid and, therefore, hot. Usually, rain is only around for an hour or two in the morning. After that, it mostly stays sunny. It is known for its quiet beaches and jungles. It has not given way to larger development, so it is still mostly quiet.

With that said, this area does have a rainy season. This town is known for its long sand bar. It also has the occasional coral reef formation. There are many humpback whales, as well. In fact, this area has an Annual Whale and Dolphin Festival. Known for fishing and surfing, this small fishing town is laid-back and not too well-known.

It is an ideal retirement location, though it can also be used as a vacation destination. The temperature stays around the 70s all year, and rainfall amounts are fairly low. Sometimes, wintertime can be a bit chilly, though. With that said, the tourist population increases during the summer months, when the area is the most popular.

Plus, everything is quite inexpensive, so you can have a fairly cheap vacation for very little. Generally speaking, cities in the hurricane belt are likely to get hit by a hurricane during hurricane season. Therefore, if you want to live in an area without any hurricanes, you want to live outside this belt.

The hurricane season officially runs from June 1 to November An area of warm water in the Atlantic makes up the hurricane belt, which is specifically determined by overlying all previous hurricanes.

By doing that, you get a pretty clear idea of where hurricanes tend to go. Hurricanes need warm, tropical water to form and light winds and high humidity. These guidelines are not found everywhere. For instance, there is a reason the UK never gets hit with a hurricane. Finding a coastal city without hurricanes involves finding one that is located outside of the hurricane belt. Some Caribbean Islands are also included in this count. However, there are plenty of others as well. It is not designed for commercial use and is not.

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