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How to hunt bear in georgia
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But everything hinges on the mast crop, as white oak production determines whether hunters will be able to pattern these highly mobile critters. Odd sightings are especially frequent this time of year, when young males disperse. Larger adult males push young males out of their home ranges this time of year. The young bears are forced to roam seeking new territory. Not only are bears coming down out of the hills, they are making it farther south. Over the past five years, hunters have legally harvested bears just north of Atlanta in Bartow and Cherokee counties.

It should come as no surprise if one or more bears are spotted in populated areas of Cobb or Fulton counties this summer. Sightings in the metro area are becoming an annual occurrence. Today, the emphasis in bear management has turned from protecting the population to controlling it. Several factors came together and resulted in hunters killing bears in What factors could possibly lead to such a dramatic increase? And perhaps more importantly, what does it mean for hunters who want to kill a north Georgia bear this season?

First, Adam said a failed mast crop always leads to a high harvest. On Cohutta WMA, a record 67 bears were killed mainly because the area had an abundance of white oaks producing at high elevation early in the season. It was incredible. They were seeing bears on a trip, and sign was amazing.

A second factor in the harvest was the increase in bag limit from one bear to two. Not only did 25 hunters fill their limits last season, Adam said the increase also led to other hunters being less selective on their first bear. The third major factor contributing to the high harvest, according to Adam, is an increased interest in bears from the hunting public.

He said people are changing the way they think about bears. The population in north Georgia is now conservatively estimated at about 4, animals and growing. Black bears are spreading into populated areas, where they are viewed as a nuisance, and more people are actually hunting them instead of just shooting them as incidental harvest on deer hunts. Other than steadily rising harvest numbers over the years, there is no data to reflect this increasing interest.

What there is data to illustrate is an astounding archery harvest from last season. More than half of the total north Georgia bear harvest All but 26 of those archery kills were made before the gun-opener on Oct. There are a couple of stark lessons to be learned from those statistics.

First, taking a bear with a bow is very possible in north Georgia. Second, a great time to target and kill a north Georgia black bear is early in the season when they can be patterned on white oak acorns, either still in the trees or just after they fall. Bears roam extensively seeking out food sources, and when their favorite food is in one location in abundance, you can bet there will be bears nearby. If and when that food source dwindles, the bears will move on.

Successful hunters will need to burn some boot leather scouting for both sign and food sources. But Adam recommends waiting until late August or early September to start walking the mountains. The Northern Zone bear season opens with archery season Sept. Of course a lot depends on the mast crop, and you might not get lucky enough to walk up on a bear in a tree. But good bear sign is hard to miss. Another tip Adam shared was that many years white oaks in the mountains will produce either at high altitude or at low altitude, but not both.

WRD does a mast survey in late August every year, and that survey, which we will report on in a future issue of GON, could save you a lot of walking. And a lot of it is very steep. There are more than , acres of national forest open to hunting—much of it under general state regulations. To greatly increase your chances, start by eliminating most of the counties and a chunk of the public acreage open to hunting. Bear sightings may occur across most of north Georgia, but hunters should hone in on the historic core area—our little snippet of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

WMA harvest in those counties totaled bears, while the legal harvest outside of WMAs was 1, bears. There are, after all, more than , acres of Chattahoochee National Forest in the core bear area. But like Adam said, the bears will be where the food is, and there are a couple WMAs that produce great bear harvests every year. Tyler Shelnut, 13, killed this big Union County bear last Oct. Do your homework, keep up with the reports and set aside plenty of time for exploration. Straddling Murray, Fannin and Gilmer counties, Cohutta is open for archery bear hunting on a sign-in basis from Sept.

Check-in firearms hunts will be held Oct. There were 2. For Cohutta, that figure is 1. A sign-in firearms hunt will be held Nov. Those dates coincide with deer hunts. Adam said either place will provide a pretty good opportunity to see and maybe kill a bear. And though it seems counterintuitive, archery season may be the best time to do it.

By the time gun hunts roll around, bears may have left the dwindling hard mast of the WMAs. Take a week of archery season to try for a black bear this season. You must be logged in to post a comment. A record harvest was fueled by tremendous success and harvest from bowhunters – much of it on public land.

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How to hunt bear in georgia. Bear, Turkey, Feral Hog, Alligator & Small Game

May 31,  · The advice from biologists is to leave bears alone and let them pass through the area unless it’s hunting season. Then WRD bear biologist Adam Hammond will happily tell . Aug 30,  · Find the white oaks and you will find the bears. You can listen for them lapping white oaks and put a stalk on them while they are in the tree, or find the freshest sign possible . All party members must have a hunting license and big game permit. Administrators must check in at the Chestatee check station and provide a list of their party members at check in. All .


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Bear Information & Resources. Black Bear Wandering. Regulations · Season Dates · Buy a License. Hunter Resources. It shall be unlawful for any person to hunt bears or for any person to accompany another person hunting bears unless each person shall wear a total of at least.


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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Georgia black bear hunting. How to hunt bear in georgia starter Kanderson Start date Jun 16, Kanderson Junior Member.

Joined Jun 5, Messages I have lived in Georgia for over 20 years and have never bear hunted here before. I’ve hunted black bear bear out west several times. I was wondering if anyone could share their tactics on the best way and time of year to hunt them? Also I know there are how to hunt bear in georgia wilderness areas in north Georgia, any how to hunt bear in georgia with locations to start looking would also be very helpful.

Swagstaff Junior Member. Joined Jul 19, Messages how to hunt bear in georgia I’m interested in these thoughts as well, I keep hearing that N. Georgia is a great place to find bears but then I’m surprised by a lack of outfitters Alarka Junior Member.

I havent ever hunted N. Last edited: Aug 8, HGrodner Junior Member. Joined Apr 15, Messages 35 Location Georgia. Funny you should post this, I almost started a thread on this the other day.

You may or may not find this very helpful or may already know about itbut there is a Georgia based forum called “gon forum”. There is a bear sub forum on there with some extremely knowledgeable hunters. Read through the old threads, read them again, and make a list of notes. Thats what I have done so far anyways. From doing that, I have learned that September to October is the best time to how to hunt bear in georgia on bears in that area.

Food is the name of the game. That is the time they are transitioning from soft mass to white oaks. Find the white oaks and you will find the bears. You can listen for them lapping white oaks and put a stalk on them while they are in the tree, or find the freshest sign possible and set up on that.

Take anything I have said for what its worth as I am brand new to hunting bears and this is just information I have gathered from the internet.

I will be going on my first N. GA bear hunt this fall. If you go after that I would be more than happy to share current info with you.

HGrodner продолжить чтение. Click to expand Joined Jan 13, Messages I will be with two buddies giving it a go for our first season in N GA mtns. We will be around Chattahooche and may check a few other areas around it.

Also huge tip on the GON forum. Professor Well Known Rokslider. Joined Jan how to hunt bear in georgia, Messages Location Georgia. Swagstaff said:. Professor said:. I am one of the guys active in the GON Bear sub-forum. I am no expert, but what I know I learned from that group. Are you posting in the Адрес страницы forum?

Frequently asking how to bear hunt! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. You are not a new guy though. You have been on the GON forum for years. Just new to bear hunting? ACarpenter Well Known Rokslider.

Anywhere in the Chattahoochee National Forest is prime for bear. Hunt food sources. Nearly every single cam I hang gets atleast a bear or two читать полностью 3 or 4 days. I havent targeted a bear since successful but believe this year ill try it again with my recurve.

Best of luck. Jbogg Junior Member. Joined Mar 14, Messages Jbogg said:. There are enough White Oak acorns to hunt, but they are not everywhere so the bears should be a little more concentrated than last year. Mike Islander Well Known Rokslider. This is my first year bear hunting in South Carolina. Surprisingly there are several good videos on YouTube. I would look /18437.txt as well as getting advice here. Jbogg, question for you.

I noticed that looking at asheville dog harvest records of GA bears, it seems to wax and wane жмите сюда a year to ссылка на продолжение basis. A strong peak of bear harvest will be followed by a low year the following year. We are coming off of two low years, so I suspect there will be a lot of bears hitting the ground this season.

Do you think this mostly correlates to trends in mast production? Just naturally that if more bears are killed there will be less to hunt the following year? Or something else? Yes sir. I live in middle Georgia. Have seen several bears from the stand around здесь, but have wanted to make it up to the mountains and actually hunt them for awhile. Finally trying to stop making excuses and get up there!

I have read through all of the how to hunt bear in georgia forum there times so far. Have a list of notes how to hunt bear in georgia up from the various threads so hopefully I am as prepared how to hunt bear in georgia I can be from a couple hundred miles away.

All thats left is to put boots on the ground and get my butt kicked. Jbogg knows. Seriously though, last year you could skate for miles on red oak acorns. I have never seen anything like it. I took a few 1 sq foot samples in one hollow and determined there were more than a million acorns in a square mile.