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What does m&m stand for in medical terms – what does m&m stand for in medical terms:
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Morbidity and Mortality conferences have long been part of the practice of medicine, having originated in the early s with Ernest Codman at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He lost his staff privileges there after suggesting the evaluating of surgeon competence. Codman’s ideas contributed to the standardization of hospital practices — including a case report system that ascribed responsibility for adverse outcomes — by the American College of Surgeons in As the medical profession evolved, physicians grew accustomed to discussing their errors at mortality conferences, where autopsy findings were presented, and in published case reports.

By , the ACGME began requiring that accredited residency programs conduct a weekly review of all complications and deaths. Cases selected include all deaths, significant patient injuries, and near-death situations.

A core team of senior quality consultants prepares the selected cases for presentation, gathering and reviewing information that may have caused the case. Resident leaders present the cases and literature relating to the cases. Then the participants discuss and identify issues that may have led to the undesirable outcome.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about conferences to review poor or unusual outcomes in medical centers. For other uses of the term “morbidity and mortality”, see Morbidity and mortality.

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What does m&m stand for in medical terms – what does m&m stand for in medical terms:.Medical Dictionary


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