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What does s&t stand for in finance
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What does S&T stand for? ; S&T, Sales and Trading (financial services) ; S&T · Sign and Trade (professional sports strategy) ; S&T, Sound and Tight (lumber. S&T ; S&T, Sales and Trading (financial services) ; S&T, Surf and Turf ; S&T, Sign and Trade (professional sports strategy) ; S&T, Selection and Training. The meaning of S&T is Sales and Trading and other meanings are located at the bottom which take place within Business & Finance terminology and S&T has 2.

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They are liquidity providers and market makers. They help buyers and sellers find each other especially when moving large amounts of stocks, bonds etcetera. Financial securities include equities, fixed income products, commodities, crypto currency, interest rates, derivatives, swaps, mortgages, and municipal bonds among other things.

The jobs of sales and trading is traditional divided among sales people and traders although some employees do both jobs. Sales people typically are on the phone with clients understanding their strategies, bringing them trade ideas and market updates, and working with them to transact on what they want to do in the markets.

They are responsible for maintaining a relationship with the client so that the trader at the hedge fund or asset manager will choose to call XYZ Bank over ABC Bank when they need to make a trade. Traders are typically responsible for knowing the product that they trade to an intense level of depth. When a client decides to transact on 1 million shares of Apple stock – the trader will find a way to move the security while having as minimal of a price impact as possible.

The clients of the sales and trading division are all different types of asset managers such as hedge funds, pension funds, endowment funds, prop trading firms, and even corporations. They do not work for high net worth individual clients.

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I find it funny that this question was asked in the IB forum. Sales and trading is a more important part of revenue for most BBs.

IBD is now only the second. I’m relatively new to this. I know the trading arm investment banks seeks to generate capital by dabbling into the capital markets.

But what exactly is implied by “sales? Maintaining client relationships and getting clients to book their trades through your traders. Since all market makers traders at BBs offer essentially the same service, the sales team basically markets their bank an tries to sell clients on using a specific banks services.

The sales guys are the frontmen put in front of clients, for which the traders book trades and make markets. There’s more to it than that I’m sure, but that’s a general overview. They have zero real world skills, but God they work hard. You need a client interface for these clients who handle relationships, pitch stuff, act as a liaison to traders etc.

It may not be as simple sales as if you worked at a retail store, but you are still a salesman. The sell side offers research and trading services. The sales guys are selling both and attempt to be the main point of contact for buy side analysts, PMs and traders. They will also be the point of contact for IPOs , secondary equity offerings, etc. Whenever there is a secondary equity offering announced, I immediately get about 6 calls from the sales guys whose banks are on the books.

In the end, it’s just sales. Sales is effectively the same thing wherever you are working, whether that’s a car dealer, an insurance company, or a bank. Besides research and market making, they also sell structured products, or the service of tailoring a structured product to the clients needs.

I think the name is pretty self-explanatory. Basically market making, research and structured products. Qui odit nihil provident exercitationem. Quasi ducimus inventore sed quas voluptas placeat. Quisquam ducimus qui nisi veritatis nam quaerat. Ut quo voluptatibus qui.

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I took on day trading as a side business about a year ago an…. Anyone have a general idea of how total comp, wlb, prestige ranks across prop trading firms? Literally having stomach issues and my anxiety is through the roof because I keep thinking about the worst case scenario where the market just goes against me for whatever reason even though I have conviction in my ideas. September Investment Banking. Leaderboard See all. Rank: Chimp What does the Sales and Trading Division Do?

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27 rows · Supply Tech/Technician. showing only Business & Finance definitions (show all definitions). Aug 27,  · S&T or sales and trading is a division of a bank or financial firm that helps institutions buy and sell financial securities. They are liquidity providers and market makers. . What does S&T stand for in Treatment? Get the top S&T abbreviation related to Treatment. Suggest. S&T Treatment Abbreviation. What is S&T meaning in Finance, Business, .