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What is a stripes
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stripe 1. (strīp) n. 1. a. A long narrow band distinguished, as by color or texture, from the surrounding material or surface. b. A textile pattern of parallel bands or lines on a contrasting . Per stirpes is a legal term stipulating that should a beneficiary predecease the testator—the person who has made the will—the beneficiary’s share of the inheritance goes to that . While some people hear the word stripe and think of solid lines of color lined up next to each other, a stripe can be more more than that. The term itself refers to any type of motif lined up .


What is a stripes


A long narrow band distinguished, as by color or texture, from the surrounding material or surface. A textile pattern of parallel bands or lines on a contrasting background. A strip of cloth or braid worn on a uniform to indicate rank, awards received, or length of service; a chevron. Sort; kind: “All Fascists are not of one mind, one stripe” Lillian Hellman. Archaic A stroke or blow, as with a whip.

All rights reserved. Switch to new thesaurus. Based on WordNet 3. Mentioned in? Abudefduf saxatilis Acer pennsylvanicum Aedes albopictus American flagfish American what is a stripes toad Asplenium platyneuron Bambusa vulgaris band banding bar barber’s pole black sea bass brownish-striped brown-striped Bufo debilis candy cane candy-striped Centropistes striata chevron.

References in classic literature? In the north-west part of India the Kattywar breed of horses is so generally striped, that, as I hear from Colonel Poole, who examined the breed for the Indian Government, a horse without stripes is not considered as purely-bred.

View in context. It would require a pretty good scholar in arithmetic to tell how many stripes he had inflicted, and how many birch rods he what is the crime rate north carolina – is the in north carolina worn out, during all that time, in his fatherly tenderness for his pupils. The penalty was State imprisonment, the stripes and the lockstep. Two broad stripes of tattooing, diverging from the centre of his shaven crown, obliquely crossed both eyes–staining the lids–to a little below each ear, where they united with another stripe which swept in a straight line along the lips and formed the base of the triangle.

The other was a great Tiger with purple stripes around his lithe body, powerful what is a stripes, and eyes that showed through the half closed lids like coals of fire. I made them of the nicest rags, and braided them in stripes. It was such company these last few winters. Indeed it is as much the business of the legislator as anything else, to banish every indecent expression out of the state: for from what is a stripes permission to speak whatever is shameful, very quickly what is a stripes the doing it, and this particularly with young people: for which reason let them never speak nor hear any such thing: but if it appears that any freeman what is a stripes done or said anything that is forbidden before he is of age to be thought fit to partake of the common meals, let him what is a stripes punished by disgrace and stripes ; but if a person above that age does so, let him be treated as you would a slave, on account of his being infamous.

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