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Jersey accent example

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Here are some tips to make your accent more like – well, a New Jersey accent! I also Say “Caaary” instead of “Carry. Arts and Entertainment Artwork Books Movies. And the original settlers laid down the dialect patterns that have survived for hundreds of years, to the present day. Southern Jersey accents range from very slight to something resembling a full-on southern accent, depending on where you go. High five! When preceding other consonants, the short ‘A’ is usually short and flat map, cat, etc.



Jersey accent example


Where did you go? Not Helpful 4 Helpful Learn why people trust wikiHow. Specific Words ‘Water’ is usually pronounced something like “wooder” wood’-er or “wudder”. Co-authors:


Jersey accent example.What is Jersey accent?


There is no single “Jersey” accent — there’s a typical North Jersey accent (listen to actor Joe Pesci for a good example), a typical South Jersey accent. The Jersey accent sounds very flat, with clipped vowels, which reminds some people of the English South African accent, as you can hear from listening to. The New Jersey Accent in use: Joey: Hey Vinny, yew dewsh-bag. What-sup-witch-yew? Where-jew-go last night? Jew hang in Jerzee? Vinny: Nah, I hung out in duh-.